Innoresolve Training Programme

It is an online training program based on Problem Based Learning methodology (PBL). Such training pathway provides a range of new knowledge and competences which are necessary for the foundry industry adaptation to global digital environment.

The training is innovative on three main aspects:

  • Contents: illustration of a new industry model, based on the increasing integration and communication among machines, processes, departments, suppliers and with customers;
  • Methodology: use of Problem Based Learning methodology, in which learning happens through the investigation of digital solution to concrete and contextualized problems and challenges;
  • Aim: to provide innovative skills for innovative practices inside the foundry industrial sector.

The contents of online training are divided into 6 modules, with a total duration of 50 hours:

  • MODULE 1: Industry 4.0 – Foundry 4.0
  • MODULE 2: Management skills and leadership style in the digital era. Importance of people in the digital era.
  • MODULE 3: ICT´s for decision making in Industry 4.0.
  • MODULE 4: KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) for Foundry 4.0.
  • MODULE 5: New digital manufacturing technologies and methodologies. Advanced digital technologies / methodologies and combination of these in foundry.
  • MODULE 6: Risk management in industry 4.0.

The training content is available in all languages of the associated partners.

Access to Innoresolve Training Programme