About Innoresolve

Target Group

Industry is a key element for country development and for employment quality and it has a big multiplier impact being strictly connected to commerce and service sectors. For this reason, it is considered as an essential economic sector to maintain prosperity and the welfare state. At the same time, reindustrialization and innovation in industry are considered today the main keys for economic competitiveness. However, to maintain and reach the technological leadership is considered one of the great challenges for European foundries (Foundry Industry 2020: Trends and Challenges, IKB Deutsche Industriebank, 2015).


Synthetically, innovation means go to industry 4.0, which consists in:

  1. digitalisation and integration of processes vertically and horizontally across the entire organisation;
  2. digitalisation of product and service offerings, using big data to refine products and meet the increasing needs of end-customers;
  3. digital business models and customer access, optimising customer interaction.


The benefits of these technological transformations are evident:

  • gains in operational efficiency,
  • cost reduction,
  • quality improvement,
  • increased turnover,
  • optimisation of the manufacturers - consumers’ communication,
  • makes easier strategic decision making,


There is no doubt that Industry 4.0 can open great possibilities to industry and economy. The big challenge of InnoResolve project is to transfer the benefits of this digital and technological revolution within the foundry industry.

The project has five primary objectives:

  • To make foundry top and intermediate managers aware of benefits from invest in digitalisation processes;
  • To raise their digital culture and skills;
  • To foster digitalisation processes in foundry industries;
  • To create a European network for innovation in foundry sector;
  • To improve the use of e-learning and PBL – Problem Based Learning methodology.


InnoResolve European Project target group is top and intermediate managers in foundry companies, but also sectorial organizations that support training on management, policy makers and stakeholders in the field of foundry industry (trade unions, other professional associations, etc.).

Likewise, Vocational Training and Educational providers, training entities, formal and non-formal education and training professionals, Vocational Training students and other official continuing education organizations will benefit from InnoResolve products.


InnoResolve project develops two main results:

  • On-line collaborative Training Program; a training program based on the problem based learning methodology, which provides the innovative skills required to cope with the increasingly demanding industrial environment.
  • InnoResolve Guide that shows the new challenges of the Foundry in the partner countries as well as a collection of good practices and case studies of Foundries 4.0.